Inspecting Labor Standards for Government Employees

- The Commission's role as a labor standards inspection organization

 The Personnel Commission serves as a labor standards inspection organization that researches and oversees matters related to the suitability of government employee working hours, leave, days off, health and safety management systems, and management of boilers, cranes, and other machinery and equipment in the workplace.

- Workplaces and employees under the jurisdiction of the Personnel Commission

 The workplaces that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Personnel Commission oversees as a labor standards inspection organization include the TMG main office, general public services offices, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Tokyo Fire Department, metropolitan schools, and training institutions. The Labor Standards Inspection Office oversees all other Tokyo Metropolitan Government workplaces, just as it oversees private sector companies.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Personnel Commission oversees Tokyo Metropolitan Government employees in the following positions: general administrative staff, technical staff, research staff, police/fire department staff, and metropolitan school staff. All other Tokyo Metropolitan Government employees come under the Labor Standards Inspection Office.

- The Commission's duties as a labor standards inspection organization

 The Personnel Commission, to fulfill its role as a labor standards inspection organization, conducts on-site and written surveys of the workplaces under its jurisdiction, grants permission for various matters based on requests from workplaces, and receives reports from workplaces, among its other duties.

The primary subject of its surveys
concern government employee working hours, days off, leave, and other labor conditions, and machinery, devices, and chemicals used at its workplaces.

The Commission grants permission when workplaces wish to have their employees
perform day/night watch duty; authorizes exclusions from advance notice of dismissal when terminating employees for disciplinary reasons; and receives notifications on the installation of boilers, radiological equipment, or other such machinery. 

 Reports from workplaces include appointments of health
supervisors; reports on employee death, injury, or illness; and reports on the results of regular health check-ups.  

 These inspection and research activities help the Commission understand the labor environment at workplaces and the working situation of employees. In the event that the Commission discovers issues concerning health, safety, or labor conditions, it provides workplace managers with guidance meant to resolve these issues.
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