Examinations of Fairness

○ Requests for measures regarding labor conditions

 The system for requesting measures is one form of compensation for the restricted basic labor rights of public servants, who are not allowed the right to collective bargaining, which includes the right to entering into labor union agreements, or the right to strike.

This system for requesting measures gives government employees the right to demand that
the relevant authorities take appropriate action regarding wages, working hours, and other labor conditions. A summary of the system is shown below.

○ Requests for administrative review of adverse dispositions

 In the event that the Commission receives a request for administrative review from a government employee who has been subject to disciplinary measures or other adverse dispositions by their appointer, the Personnel Commission will conduct the required research and investigation stipulated by the system for requests for administrative review of adverse dispositions. This system provides relief for employees by (1) approving said adverse dispositions if they are legal and appropriate or (2) canceling, revising, or—if necessary—instructing remedial measures for these adverse dispositions if they are illegal or inappropriate.

 Requests for administrative review are designed to guarantee the suitability of disciplinary actions taken. Because such requests are made after said actions have been taken, investigations by the Commission are quasi-judicial in nature. A summary of the system is shown below.

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